Eiffel In Louvre With Paris


It finally happened! I WENT TO PARIS!!

I recently returned from my very first solo trip to Paris and Barcelona (more on Barcelona later).

I've wanted to go to Paris since forever ago. A few years ago, I impulsively purchased round trip flights to Paris, but unfortunately never made my flight.

Finally, after all these years of wanderlust, I booked my flights and flew across the Atlantic to the magical city. 

IMG_8711 2.jpg

I'll be completely honest. I was scared.

Not only was this my first solo trip but I'd heard so many mixed reviews about Paris. People have stereotyped locals to be unpleasant towards tourists, especially Americans. Parisians hold their culture, language included, in high regard. Anything less than trying to respect that would likely lead to an unpleasant interaction.

With each passing day, I thought I was doing well. Everyone's been so very kind. I guess I spoke too soon. I was shopping along Champ Élysée when someone was very arrogant and threw a pen at me (a story for another day).

However, despite the extremely unfortunate situation, I still fell in love with Paris. It was inevitable.

Paris was more enchanting than I thought possible


When they say Paris is the most romantic city in the world, they don't mean for just couples. Paris IS romantic. 

She sweeps you off your feet in a way that no other city ever could. She reels you in with her beauty and woos you with her charm and with some of the most delicious food that will ever grace your lips.

Everywhere you look is a view to take in or a moment to remember. 

I hate to be cliché but don't knock it till you try it--in this case, visit. 
Paris should be on your list of places to travel. Whether you enjoy your time as much as I did, it's absolutely a must-see destination to cross off your wanderlist. But why Debbie, why??


1. The streets are lined with the cutest cafés and restaurants that make you want to stop and take a picture.

As I was exploring, I've accumulated a never ending list of cafés I wanted to visit, but couldn't because of time. AHH! I left Paris with one regret--not having enough petit dejuner/meals in a day to enjoy all the cafés and restaurants.

2. The city is like a big set for a romantic scene that makes you feel romantic.

Do you ever watch a romantic movie and think, 'I wish my life were like a move?' Guess what? Dreams do come true! 

It's gorgeous here. Everywhere I went, I felt like I'd walked into a movie set. The scene was perfect.

It was a beautiful day. She was reading a book along the seine only to look up to appreciate the view. Until, all of a sudden, she felt a mysterious presence--like as if someone was willing her to make eye contact. She saw foots steps approaching. As they got closer and closer, she realized they belonged to a man and they ceased right beside her. She sees a palm extended out to her. "Excusez moi, madame--"

Ah, who am I kidding. I'm no movie writer!

But seriously, everything is gorgeous.
Oh, did I forget to mention? It's absolutely GORGEOUS here.

3. The beautiful architecture.

When you walk around everything's been so specially curated and you can see and feel the pride the city takes in its beauty. 

Whether you turn left or right, don't forget to look up. Paris is filled with so much history and beautiful architecture.

Their gardens are no exception. Nature is intended to be just as outstanding as the architecture. 

If you're looking for advice on traveling through Paris, stay tuned! 

Happy wandering!